Sunday, August 24, 2008

Does it get any better than Chillis Fajitas?


Kazzy said...

I just accidentally ran into your blog as I was doing a random blogspot tour. I too am LDS and wanted to let you know that I will keep Josh in my prayers. You all seem so positive and optimistic. Thanks for your example and faith.

Chelsea Waterfall said...

Oh my goodness Josh, you look like you are doing great! I hope you are liking it at Craig Hospital and hope that you have a window because I have heard that Denver is beautiful. It is a different feeling that you are not in Utah anymore. I was actually driving out in South Ogden one day and I thought of coming over to the ICU but then I remembered that you were gone. I hope you are feeling better, making progress, and keeping a positive attitude. You have helped strengthen and build people's testimonies, and I, with many other people, know that you can make it through this. You are a great example to all of us, and hopefully I will get the chance to go to Denver. Road trip anyone? Hope all is well though, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and God loves you. I send my love and my faith to you Josh, and wish you the best. I hope to see some great updates soon :) Love always, Chelsea Waterfall