Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24, update

We are continuing to work super hard. Josh is really healthy, what a blessing, and the days are filled with therapy. We are continuing to see great changes in Joshuas muscle return in many areas. It is the slowest recovery known to man but it is happening. I always hesitate to tell you that he is moving this or moving that because unless you are familar with spinal cord injury you just don't understand how little or slow it is. We hope by the pictures on the blog you can see the improvements that we are making. It is steady and gradual.

We had some dear friends give us a picture with a wonderful saying on it and we wanted to share it with you. "life is not about waiting for the storm to pass........It is about learning to dance in the rain. We have thought about this so much and are applying it to our lives. Heavenly Father wants us to be grateful for everything we have. He has blessed us to grow and to become like Him especially in trials. Think about dancing in the rain this week, we love you all and are so excited to see you soon!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Marvelous Monavie

A Big Thanks to Don & Nancy Wilson and Tina Comer we are enjoying great health. You would think being here at the hospital we would have contracted some colds and flu, but not with our favorite new friend-Monavie! We think that it is the miracle healer; we sleep better, have energy, no more migraines for Lisa, and Josh is looking great! We do enjoy our 3 oz every morning and night. Thanks Don & Nancy and Tina we are healing and feeling wonderful!

Chillin with some of the Cousins

This weekend was great! Marne', Travis & Koby came to visit. And of course Nate was already here. We ate, laughed, shopped, laughed, sat in the sun (yes we do have a lot of sun and warm weather here), laughed, played games (thanks to Jeff Adams introducing us to "Acquire"), and laughed some more. It has been so fun to have cousins here just hanging out! Usually the "goodbyes" are so hard, but not this one. haha You might think because we were glad to see them go, totally wrong! It is because we know that in a few weeks we will be back home with them-YEAH! A weekend with family makes the hard week of physical therapy ahead more bearable. The weeks of hard work definately get really long, so to have these great kids here charged all of our batteries.

Dave Dixon and Josh

We have been so blessed to make many wonderful life long friends here in Denver. Dave Dixon has been one of these great friends. When Josh was on bedrest there were very few nights that Dave did not come to visit. He always brought a smile and usually a shake or drink from Sonic. Dave is originaly from Logan, ahhhh a friend from home. He just moved to Denver with his wife, Julie, from Mesa Arizona. Josh has enjoyed "hanging out" and laughing a lot with Dave.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scuba Diving with Nate

We have had a lot of ups and downs through this experience this past Thursday was definately an up. So glad to have Nate here who is a certified diver to be with Josh as he discovers scuba!

Getting our goggles and Tank on

Sexy Nate!

Clearing the mask

Getting ready to descend

Nate & Josh underwater

Two Cousins through the years-brothers and best friends!