Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Visit from the "Bailey Girls"

Inspiring & Dear Friends

So excited to have an EKB shirt
Thanks Missy & Cougars!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Medical Update

We do apologize for being so delinquent on updating the blog. We really have not had much to report since we are just "laying around". We do want to catch you up to speed though and let you know what we are facing right now. Josh had to have a small revision on his "bedsore surgery" last Thursday. He is doing well but this may mean that he has to lay still a few more weeks. The Dr. cannot give an exact time as when he can get up. He has assured us though that he will not make Josh lay in bed 1 day more than necessary. Josh is an amazing sport and his spirits are strong. He continues to be an example to all of us and share a wonderful spirit of strength and happiness.
He is continuing to really get healthy in every other regard. We are blessed ddaily by the many friends that we have made here at Craig hospital. There are so many wonderful patients that stop by to visit with Josh and encourage him. They are a great inspiration to our entire family.
We continually feel of the strength of all of your thoughts, prayers, fun cards and packages that you all send. Thank you for brightening our days. You will never know how each one of you have touched our hearts and changed our lives. We could never be successful without eachone of you and the love that you share with our family. Lots of Love from, The Packs

Could we be having anymore fun????

Homemade Peach Ice Cream anyone?

We made the Break and went outside......SHHHHH don't tell the hospital staff

As if Bri coming wasn't a gift in and of itself, but also a signed BYU Football!

Fall Break Weekend!

Brit & Colt
What a fun Crowd

Tyler & Rachel

Brandon & Karley
Justin & Courtney

Super fun with Mike & Linds

Mike & Lindsey came to visit during the week. It was fabulous to have someone come during the week. It was super fun to have them, Josh is showing off the Josh/Superman pillowcase made by Aunt Sherrie. Thanks Sher we are loving it and we do think that Josh is superman. He is showing great strength in this trial and amazes us all.

Boxing anyone?

Colton, Eric, and Josh
providing some great P.T.

Dustin is flying high!!

If they only knew what really
goes on in Josh's room!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Picking Up A Finger

We all have heard our moms say "I wish you would lift a finger around here". Well we have never felt that way about Josh because as you know it would be hard to find a harder working young man than him. But we have been thinking lately I wish that you could lift a finger around here!
Well guess what, Josh is lifting his pointer finger on his left hand, and giving the bird on his right hand!!!! hahaha We are so excited about this and feel like it is a wonderful start to moving our hands. They are very small movements but they are moving.
Keep up the prayers because we feel of them and they are working! We love you all.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Evening just hanging out

Sundays are always hard, because we send Justin & Marne' back home and friends return to Utah.
We have made some beautiful friends here in Colorado though. This picture was taken by Bridgette and Barry Walters, last night, who have been an answer to our prayers. Their son Ryan, was here at Craig a couple of years ago, after a construction accident. They are an inpiration to all of us. Ryan is serving in the Raleigh North Carolina Mission, and has been there for 15 months. They are true heroes to our family, and we feel so blessed to share their friendship!

They came by yesterday, with hot rolls, honey, and peanut butter. Bridgette is trying to put a little fat on Josh's body. Josh says "hands down, Bridgette makes the best rolls I have ever tasted!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Medical Update

Oh my goodness, time is passing on. We are incredibly grateful to get rid of the trach this past week. We are also very grateful for all of the fun letters, packages, prayers, and thoughts sent our way from you. They really do help the time to pass faster for Josh and us. We wish that we could write into words the feelings that are in our hearts of the gratitude that we have for each one of you. We wish that we could describe to you how we feel about all of your love and how it carries us through each day. Every kind thought and deed that you share with our family means so much. Heavenly Father truly works through others to meet our needs. Thank you for sharing so much love with us.
No more trach, Good work Josh!
(we do love our respitory therapist, Emily)

Greg, Bri, Justin, & Marne' also came to visit

Phase 10 anyone?
Good friends make great memories even during the toughest times

Always fun with the Glausers

Jim, Dan, Colton setting up surround sound for Josh. "If this kid is going to lay here for 6 weeks he better do it in style."
Dan & Marne'
(Cathy and Lis really hope they get married some day! haha)

Cathy & Marne'

Thanks for the shave Jim!