Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009 Update

We are excited about the 3 full weeks of therapy that we have been able to participate in, here at Craig. Joshua's days start at usually 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. They are filled with occupational therapy, physical therapy, weight lifting, fes bike, standing frame, wheelchair skills (which is pretty funny-they teach you how to pop wheelies, fall in your chair etc), functional skills, and our favorite class POOL!
We love all of our therapists and feel so grateful for the time and individual love that they share with all of us. Joshua is continuing to get stronger and progress each week. It seems so slow day to day but when we look at week to week we are amazed what he can do this week compared to last week. 5 months of bedrest brings a lot of atrify in muscles not to mention being paralyzed. He is really progressing in his strength and is getting new muscle return.
We feel incredibly blessed by the Lord from all of your faith, fasting and prayers. We are thinking that we will be home by the middle of March. We can't wait to get back to Eden and all of you. We love your emails they boost our spirits each night as we read them. Thank you for your continual love and prayers, we feel of them as they carry us through each day. This experience is so hard and we would never want to do it alone.
Lots of love, Josh and fam

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our "adopted" son Alex Okano

We have had the opportunity to meet some really great people here at Craig. The Okano Family are some of them. We have had UFC (Ultimate Family challenge = Asian Invasion Vs. Pack Attack) over the holidays, and many fun filled activities with them. Alex has been a great friend to Josh, made us laugh a lot while on bed rest, and made the time go by faster. Our entire family loves him and we are missing him like crazy! Alex went home to Los Angeles last week but we adopted him into our family so as a farewell for now gift he gave our family, and hisself , "Team Pack" t-shirts. Alex and his family touched our lives and we are thankful for them and look forward to continuing our friendship.

Alex "Pack"

Josh teaching Alex about the Word of Wisdom!

Alex thought all of our "Mormon" Friends would get a kick out of this Corona picture. This ones for you Nick!

Surpise Special Delivery From Eden

Thanks Lewis and Woolsey Family, We loved your visit. The Woolsey's and Grandma & Grandpa Lewis (aka Jim & Launa) sold some cows in Greeley Colorado and made a big trek to Denver special to see us. We loved the visit and the dinner at Chilis!

Childhood "cowboy buddies" what a great friendship.

The Holley's have always been some of our favorite people......

Some of our favorite people at home, now our favorite restraunt in Denver! We miss you Holley family and love you.

A Recipe for FUN-Colton, Nate & Nick

Always fun to have these buddies come. If the hospital only knew what went on when Nick, Nate, Dustin, and brothers come, were really pretty sure they wouldn't let them back! haha Although the nurses do love them. They bring so much enthusiasm, lots of brotherly love, homemade movies (which should be produced), and lots of laughs! We had a great time over Martin Luther King Day with them. We went to Bass Pro Shop, ate a lot of food, joined in therapy, slept over with Josh, and gave us all a much needed boost. Thanks guys-We love You!!

Pool Therapy

Rubber Ducky Your So Fine

Eating out with the boys and the Lyons Family
So Much Fun!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 5th our first week of "real" Craig therapy

Getting into a full week of therapy has been a dream come true. After being on your back, for almost 5 months, getting into full therapy is great! We have had a week of Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, pool therapy, FES Bike, and the standing frame. Boy does it feel good to be upright!
All of this equipment is a great blessing in our lives right now. We are finding and exercising muscles that have been asleep for a few months now. It is going to be a lot of hard work but we are all up to the task.
We continue to be blessed by the miracles of the Lord, and thank each one of you who continue to fast and pray in our behalf. We feel of your strength each day and thank you for not forgetting us. We miss you and love you all!

Justin & Josh here at "Club Craig"

Marne' Josh, Cord, and Simba, feels so good to stand! We think Josh has grown an inch or two?

Lisa, Marne' & Josh going up in the standing frame!

Josh on the FES bike

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nuggets Game for Family Night

We have been blessed to make some life long friends here in Denver. We are so grateful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. With the church you are never too far away from home, because you always have friends to be made. We will be forever grateful for the hand of friendship out stretched to us. We love you guys!

Jeff Adams, Josh, Justin

Andrew Okazaki, Marne', Emily Adams, Ashley Lyons

Justin, Marne', and Josh

Up, Up and Away

We are so excited, we have been given the "green light" to go out of the hospital!! We went to Red Robin on Saturday night, and to the movies. The manager was so excited that Josh chose Red Robin to be his place of dining that he bought his entire meal! So many nice people in this world.

New Years Eve-Great to have Nate!!!

Feeling much better after Christmas, the real cure was to have Nate come. Josh and Nate are cousins who have been and will be best friends forever! Nate has been attending BYU Hawaii so we have not been able to see him as much as we would like. We loved having him come and spend a few days. Thanks for the laughs and the energy you brought to all of us Nate-WE LOVE YOU!!!! We also enjoyed having the Watts come and bring in the New Year with us along with Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Chris. Super Fun times. We are truly grateful for all of you who come to visit, you bring us strength!