Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inspiring words from an inspiring teacher

We have appreciated and loved everyone's emails. They are making Josh smile and bringing much encouragement and inspiration to a very difficult time. Keep them coming. We wanted to share a thought from Michelle Evans. (Josh's 6th grade teacher)

Dear Josh,
The moment that I first heard about your accident I began to pray for you and think about you constantly during the day. Then and Now I feel that somehow and sometime in the not-too-far distant future everything will be okay for you.
I went to the hospital today to try to write in your book or give a family member a hug and couldn't find the book that the blog says is in the waiting room or anybody else. So, here's a letter! And, of course, as your former teacher, here's your assignment.
Get that handsome, ripped body of yours out of there! You have permission to make all of the nurses in love with you. You have permission to be the incredibly positive minded person that you are. You have permission to keep that 100% attitude at 100%.
Your life has already fired up so many people to want to do better and be better. Your accident is just the usual Pack-type of "break some sort of bone because that's just what Packs do." But know that you are loved and cared about fiercely because that's just what Packs deserve too. We are all rooting for you.

Much love to you, Michelle Evans often known as Mzz. Evans

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