Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving Forward

Just a little update, things are moving slowly. While fighting this pneumonia Josh has a endotracheotomy, which is similar to what is used during surgery. He has a tube that goes into his lungs and out his mouth, that is helping him breath. Josh should be on this ventilator for about five to ten days. Josh is so incredible, his spirit is still so strong. Before they hooked up these machines the doctors talked to Josh and explained everything to him. They told him this would be hard and scary. Josh's only reply was "LET'S DO IT". So as we go throughout this day, lets all take Josh's advice - Let us do Heavenly Father's work, and "LET'S DO IT" - and see who's lives we can touch!!

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twice as nice said...

What an amazing boy you are, I don't know you but I have only heard amazing things about you! You are in our prayers!
--Kristen Curtis (Tesha's friend)