Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Suite on the west wing of the ICU

Lots of sun, no tubes in the mouth, tracheotomy is working great, Life is better!


Anonymous said...

Josh- You are so amazing!!!
The Lord loves you and wants you to know he is there just waiting to hear you say you need him. I have had to learn that lesson not the hard way but almost close to it. You're so going to make it Josh, everyone is praying for you and your family. Get well, we all want you to.


Anonymous said...

JOSH!!! This is CARSON (aka C Jones as you used to call me) I sent you a txt the other day.. for what its worth. man i sure wish i was there to visit you. I can't believe how long its been since we said our goodbyes that night of the senior party. Things happen so fast and so unexpected. I love you buddy. you have always been such a great example to me, even when you had good reasons to make fun of me if you had wanted. I have often wondered if the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of me is "ditch boots"??? ha ha. i'm praying for you man (yes i do pray again)! I turn my mission papers in this NOVEMBER!!!! i'm so excited. once again, i love you bro! Get better

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO RIDICULOUSLY HANDSOME!!! :) It was so good to see you, you really do look Amazing! Keep working hard, staying positive, and involving the Lord in everything that you do. He knows and He perfectly understands, turn to Him and let Him continue to lift you, He will!! Keep that head up, we're all so proud of you and love you so much!! XOXO -bri-

Wild and Crazy in Eden said...

hey Pack Family, Josh looks great! Probably loving no tubes in mouth. We are reading updates daily and pray for you. The boys don't miss a prayer. We love all of you, and wish you all the best. We know you have tremendous support but we're here if ever needed (marne' to soccer etc.) Josh I've always looked up to you. You have such an amazing strength and testimony of the gospel, friend to all and love of life. Keep your head high and know our heavenly father loves you, he knows what you need, and what your capable of at times he will push you to your limit, but thats when we learn and grow the most. Listen to your heart and you will suceed. we love you and wish you the best in Denver! love Jason, Tammy, Porter, Jacob, Taylor and Jackson.