Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grateful today is done

We are excited to have today over with. This was kind of like a grateful yet hard day; being that we are heading in the right direction but also knowing that this is going to be a long road of bed rest.
Josh's surgery went well, and we are all very grateful for this blessing. Dr. Snively did the honors and he is a great guy. He would make all of you laugh a little back at home, a good hometown kind of Dr. Our family has never been so excited for Halloween-hahaha-that would be getting to the end of this 6 weeks period! So get your costumes and your decorations ready because we are sure it is going to come upon us quickly!
Thank you to everyone for all of your love faith and prayers, we truly need them and feel of your strength each day!
Lots of love from, The Pack family


The McKerns said...

Hey Josh I am glad that your surgery is over. Waiting for the day can be awful. I know six weeks sounds like a long time, but it will go by fast. I'll stop in and see you. Can't wait to give you your present.


While we are sad that you need to be here, you give us strength. Your family's friendship is appreciated. Lisa, it is fun to have someone to shop with and share the feeling we are having. Cord, your smiles and good cheer are something to look forward to every day. Colton, you amaze me with your wonderful helping attitude. And Josh...your determination shows through every minute!
Love you! Val

msmiles2006 said...

I hadn't read the blog till after we talked. I am so happy your Dad's optimism was passed on to you and Josh and I guess Cord got it through the air around you, or maybe he already came with it. Oh, how we miss all of you, but how grateful we are you can be there together.
My prayers and thouhts are with you always.
Love you tons, Mom (and Dad)

msmiles2006 said...

Colton is so much like you, a constant beam of sunshine. I am glad there is some youth in the area, it lifts all of us.

Anonymous said...

Josh, Don't fotget to follow BYU football while you are on your back. Bet we're more avid about the Cougars than you are. Elder Terry and I grew up in Provo, attended BY High School and BYU and four of our six children have degrees from BYU....and we're much, much, much, much older than you. We bought DirecTV so we could get all the games this year.

You and your family are in our minds, hearts and prayers. We'll take good care of Elder Pack (the First) while he's here.

GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister and Elder Terry

Jordan Roberts said...

Hey Pack Family,
I'm still checking your blog daily and keeping you all in my prayers! So glad to hear that the surgery went well. Halloween will be here before you know it! I love September because they start putting Halloween things in the stores, then before ya know it it's here........ then before you know it, the leaves have fallen off the trees, it's Thanksgiving.........then BAM..........It's Christmas! This is the time of year that flies by! You are on the rode to recovery! Keep it up! :)

Mark Noorlander ICU RN said...

Hey Josh, this is Mark, one of your nurses at McKay Dee hospital. I know you remember me, HA HA. Anyway, Lindsay Shaum has been working with me for the past month and we thought that we would say hi and wish you the best of luck. We still talk about how great you were as a patient and how neat your family is. Keep working hard and hope to see you come back and talk to us soon.

Mark and Lindsay

Anonymous said...

We're glad your surgery went well this week. We are following your progress on your blog, and praying for your recovery. Cord and Lisa, you and your family are a great example of love and a positive outlook.

Vicki & Sheldon Nelson

Jamie Christensen said...

I enjoy reading your blog! i check up on it almost everyday! i dont know you josh, but your seem like a amazing guy!!!! that is amazing how positive you and your family are! i wish everyone in the world was like that, the world would truly be a better place!!! good luck with everything and i'll keep you and your family in my prayers! good luck

Nathan_carey@hotmail.com said...

Hey josh glad to read everything went well, and now the healing can continue the right way. We never met properly but my name is Nathan Carey and you got to tour my room on the east side when you came to Craig. I noticed you were always in KU gear so i thought you were from Kansas, but your mom informed me that you were just a crazy fan. I used to watch Mario Chalmers play ball in high school because he went to a cross town school from mine. Well i hope to read more good things and keep up the hard work.