Monday, September 22, 2008

A haircut before surgery

We took a fun little texting poll with some of you this morning regarding Josh's hair. We were choosing to either cut it or let it grow for 6-8 weeks. (You need to know that Josh hasn't had a haircut since the first of July) Well the response of the poll was very intertaining for us. Some of the responses were:

"I think growing it out could be fun"-Sean Holley

"Leave it!!!" Dustin Martin

"I vote to cut it" Aunt Julie

"Can't go wrong, so handsome either way but i think my vote would be a cut!" Bri Gardiner

"Cut it" Justin

"Ha yea leave it, then he can rock the mullet later!" Nick Sorensen

"I say cut it. But I really really wish that I could do the honors!!" Mindy Martineau

"Cut the hair! Is he not preparing for a mission? Who does he plan to represent." Dr. Brian Smith

Well needless to say we got a cut, we love all of you guys!!!!

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