Friday, September 5, 2008

A slow but good week

This week has been somewhat slow, Joshua had surgery on Tuesday. He is flat on his back for at least 10 days. It is amazing what you can learn to do to survive flat on your back staring at the ceiling. Take a little challenge and try to eat and drink your dinner tonight lying on your back. you can have 1 small pillow under your neck for the experiment. Let us know how it goes for you, it will be fun!!!!
The surgery went well and we are excited about his progress. Josh is incredibly strong both physically and mentally. We feel like all of our prayers are answered each day in some way. Thank you for blessing us with your strength. Even though we are miles apart, your acts of kindness, prayers, and faithfulness continue to touch our lives.
We are sorry for the lack of updates on the blog, we have not forgotten just not much to report. We will have much more to say as soon as we are able to get back into physical therapy. The nature of a spinal cord injury is that it is like "watching grass grow". We will continue to update you with each progressing moment as they happen.
Everyone continues to ask what they can do for us. Well we have an idea, we would love for you to eat out of our garden. We have many items ready to be harvested and would love your help eating it. Koby J can only get the chickens to eat so much zuchini etc! Please come over and help yourselves. A big thank you to whomever has kept the weeds out, we are truly grateful for your work.
We love you all so much and are overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude each day as we count our many blessings. The emails that you send to Josh are read to him each day, and he dictates to us as we write back, they are incredibly healing for Josh and brings him so much happiness, thank you! The Lord loves us and the gospel is true.
Love from,
Cord, Lisa Josh, and family


Tiffanie said...

Hi! I don't think Josh will remember me or not, but we were in the same seminary class a few years ago. But I just want to let you and your family know that I'm keeping you in my prayers! I'm so glad I found this blog so I can keep hearing how you are doing. Your family is amazing...I'm so grateful that I was able to go to seminary each day at Weber and know that Brother Pack would be there to welcome me with a happy face...the spirit was always with him and I know it is with your family! Keep on keeping us all updated...we love hearing your progress! :)
-Tiffanie Jenkins

Anonymous said...

You got it Lisa! I'll go get some food from the garden!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't there be a t.v. in the ceiling like in dentists' offices?
Love you guys, you're in our prayers constantly, Tom & Annette Slade