Saturday, October 4, 2008

Greg, Bri, Justin, & Marne' also came to visit

Phase 10 anyone?
Good friends make great memories even during the toughest times


Zach said...

Josh, I was peaking over Angie's shoulder at your blog, and I'd like to give you some good, solid advice!!! Take that ugly Red Sox shirt off, replace it with an "American" team (like the yankees) and you will feel better immediately!!! I thought you were a good kid? I don't know after seeing you wear that shirt!!! Hope all is well, hang in there. We continue to pray for your sucess and well being. (But if I see that shirt on your blog again, I can't promise the prayers are gonna work!!!!)

Karley and Brandon said...

Josh, don't listen to Zach. He is just still confused, in a daze, and feeling the pain from the Yankees struggling through the season this year and missing the playoffs. I'm sure he has noticed, but the Yanks are at home watching the Red Sox beat up on the Angels. Next victim is going to be Tampa Bay. The more you wear that shirt, the more blessings you will receive. If you want to see a good game, tune into TBS on Friday night. Go Sox!! Hey Zach, check out our blog!!!

Angie said...

First and foremost Justin exposed you two for what you really are....bandwagoners!! You didn't even know a soul on that team till they started winning. Secondly, 26 championships?? I can deal with a year on the sidelines. And are probably going to tell us all you are both Democrats right? Yep, that's where you hold your convention, right there in that forsaken park.. Your next blog comment, will probably be a plug for Obama in the white house!! Josh, think realistically...the Yankees have the American flag in their insignia...those Bo Sox Demis representative doesn't even sport one on his suit coat!!! Sorry you two bandwagoners, but I fell in love with the Yanks (America's team) before you even knew baseball was a sport... Nothing but love!! And lastly, how am I going to check out your blog? Angie has to get me here, I don't know what the heck I'm doing.