Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting up is quite a process

Are you ready?

Are you sick?

We are up!

We did it Bro!


msmiles2006 said...

Halleluah Josh!!! You made it.
Proud of you for your patience and stamina. I have been excited all day thinking about this big step.

Great family support. Nice of you to let Justin take a nap. Colton and Marne the two of you look great also. Working together the Packs will always be winners.

Thanks to the Lord for the healing process.


Jordan Roberts said...

Now we're talking!!! Keep it up dude! So proud of you for all your patience, you are still in my prayers!! Keep it up!! :)

J.R.P said...

Amazing! Keep it going.

Bodine said...

AWESOME, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR!!!! Marne texted me about Josh getting up but I must say that I teared up seeing pictures of this miracle and milestone!! Congrats Josh and all of you amazing Pack family!! Keep it up!!

Laundry said...


happy day for sure!


Anonymous said...

Josh, just checking up on you and the family. We still think of you daily and you and your family always in our prayers! You are doing so AWESOME!! I am so so proud of you! You keep that head up and be strong! You rock dude!!!!

P.S. Tell Mom, Dad and Justin HI:)

Jon Kamigaki
ICU McKay Dee Hospital