Monday, November 3, 2008

Medical Update

We are almost through a long haul of a 6 week bed rest-YEAH! The incision from the flap surgery is healing very nicely. Possibly this Tuesday, November 4th, the therapists will begin to flex his legs and pending on how the skin on the incision reacts will determine when he will be able to sit in a chair. We are thinking if all goes well he will be sitting in a chair the end of this week or the first of next week. You will know when he gets to sit up because we will shout from the roof top and we are pretty sure that you will here it from Denver to Utah.
The movement on his right hand, middle finger, is continuing to get stronger. He is also getting some toes moving on his left foot. He has also gained many muscles in his back and shoulders. We are blessed every day by Josh's body continually getting stronger and healthier.
As a family we want to thank everyone for your continued kind thoughts, prayers,ou and emails for our family. We continually receive an incredible amount of strength from family, friends, and our community. Their have been some real tough days and sometimes it is hard to gain the courage to continue forward with faith and perserverance. We as a family could not have ever done this without your love nor continue forth without your love-thank you for sharing so much strength with us. We love you all!


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Josh and family:
My husband Ben was one of the firefighters that transported Josh from McKay to the Jet. Ben grew up in the same ward as Mike so we've known the Martineau's for a while. I just wanted to let you know how much Josh's story and all his progress has touched our lives. It really amazed Ben to see the strength that Josh had immediately. He said the spirit that Josh carries with him is so incredible. We look forward to hearing updates and pray for you all often! Keep up the great work Josh!