Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 14 2008

Today we started sitting our 2 hours in the morning and then 1 hour in the evening-YEAH! It feels so good to get up a little more. Joshua's skin is still looking good and they will continue to increase his up time as long as the skin holds. Sean went home which was sad, Dustin came which made us happy, Martineau's came that is also fun. We woke up to snow but now it is sunny, it is kind of like a magical wonderland of weather here. The family and Sean learned how to take Josh up and down stairs in the wheelchair. What entertainment that was!!! Yes, we all passed and we were issued an off campus pass; which means anywhere that we can push Josh in a 2 hour span of time we can go. We will let you know where we take our next adventure. Our next class will be car transfers, that should be a blast!! Watch out Denver the Packs are almost ready to explore your town!

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Jill Hasenkamp said...

We are so excited you get to leave campus. There are so many great places you can go. Once you get your car pass make sure to see Red Rocks. It is truly amazing!

You are looking great! Keep up the hard work.