Sunday, November 9, 2008

"UP"coming events this week

We are looking forward to this week. It will be exciting as Josh gets to have more "up" time. He is able to sit in a chair for 1 hour each day right now, tomorrow they will let him sit for 1 and 1/2 hours. Each day they will add 1/2 hour to his sit time as long as his skin allows. They will not let him increase past 2 hours until a very small opening in his 12" incision is healed. We really have our fingers crossed that this will heal before Wednesday rolls around! (which is the day we should pass 2 hours)
During the time that he is up he will participate in physical therapy and occupational therapy. We are super excited because this is what we came to do in Denver, GET BETTER!!!! Josh is getting better and feeling great. It is so fun to see his strength increase in his arms, as well as his over all health increase. He is hardly on any meds, which is amazing around here, he does not get sick when he gets up, and his spirit is strong. Our family is so excited to be here together, although we miss Elder Jake dearly, it feels good to gather our strength and work together each day.


Laundry said...

Yeah!!!!! sitting up sounds like something i shouldn't take for granit like i do everyday.. oh dears...

msmiles2006 said...

Lisa, thanks for the blog. Working together I swear the PACKS can do anything (of course I recognize all the help each of you receive from the Lord). But everyone of you are awesome.

Josh, I am amazed at you not getting hardly any meds. I am sure the stamina you have developed all your life is an A1 asset.

My prayers continue.
Love all of you so very much.