Sunday, November 30, 2008

A visit from family & friends

They'll let anyone in Denver!!! haha Brett Harrop what a great friend, thanks for the surprise visit it was great to see you.

What a fun surprise visit by the Barlow family. It was great to see them. Thanks so much for the BBQ dinner you shared with us. We will let you know how the desserts go in the crock pot! Thanks for coming-We love you!

What a delightful time with the Holmes family! We loved every second that we shared with you these past days. Thanks for sharing your love with us!


Justin said...

We love you Marnee. I still remember when you babysat Hunter for the 1st time, you were only 11. We miss you here and hope you had a great birthday!

Josh we are so excited to hear about all of your progress, we can't wait for you to get home and show it all off!

The Tormans

Matthew Holmes said...

Thanks for the great weekend! Well anyway plese put a picture of Josh in his superman pants.