Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YEAH- We got to bend our legs today!

Today is monumental for our family.
We are super excited because Joshua's physical therapist was given the go ahead to "flex" Josh's legs. They had the goal of flexion to be around 80-90 degrees. Well not for Josh he is always going to the max, he flexed at 115 degrees, and his skin on the incision held great! This means that he has enough flex to be able to sit in a chair. We are elated and so grateful to be able to start down our long recovery road. This means that Josh will sit in a chair for 15 minutes tomorrow morning and then 30 minutes tomorrow afternoon. According to how his skin reacts will determine how much they increase his sit time. They will only increase at 30 minutes intervals. At this point we are just grateful for 15 minutes sit time.
We will keep you informed each day as to how we increase. This is getting exciting!!!


Anonymous said...

hey josher

your such a stud you have no idea and sense i leave tomorrow i just wanted to say thanks for blessing my life keep kicking butt and see you in four years

Elder Gregory R Radle the Third

Laundry said...

yeah! that's totally awesome!!!! Keep up the good work josh! Dedication totally pays off. lol :)


msmiles2006 said...

I am so excited that special day has arrived when you were able to flex that leg and tomorrow have the sling lift you in the chair. Your Dad told us the exciting news when we picked him up at the airport. (I hitched a ride with Doug and Erin)

Also want all of you to know how much I enjoyed being over there with you and how great it is to read the blogs and see the pictures.

All of you are in my prayers. I know the Lord will continue to bless you.

Love forever,

Anonymous said...

what up?? iam so happy to see and hear that you are doing so well!! i hope that you keep it up! dang nice cheerleaders!! keep the smile on that face, it always make the day a little faster and easier!! glad to have your example everyday!
love ya tons BRO,
Jake, your bro