Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009 Update

We are excited about the 3 full weeks of therapy that we have been able to participate in, here at Craig. Joshua's days start at usually 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. They are filled with occupational therapy, physical therapy, weight lifting, fes bike, standing frame, wheelchair skills (which is pretty funny-they teach you how to pop wheelies, fall in your chair etc), functional skills, and our favorite class POOL!
We love all of our therapists and feel so grateful for the time and individual love that they share with all of us. Joshua is continuing to get stronger and progress each week. It seems so slow day to day but when we look at week to week we are amazed what he can do this week compared to last week. 5 months of bedrest brings a lot of atrify in muscles not to mention being paralyzed. He is really progressing in his strength and is getting new muscle return.
We feel incredibly blessed by the Lord from all of your faith, fasting and prayers. We are thinking that we will be home by the middle of March. We can't wait to get back to Eden and all of you. We love your emails they boost our spirits each night as we read them. Thank you for your continual love and prayers, we feel of them as they carry us through each day. This experience is so hard and we would never want to do it alone.
Lots of love, Josh and fam


Becky Lewis said...

LET'S PARTY!!!! You know this is what we have all been praying for - you are real troopers.

Anonymous said...

It has been an inspiring experience to "watch" (through your blog) a marvelous celestial family in action--the support shown (not only from family, but from friends and community) is truly incredible. What an example for all of us. We know it will seem strange but wonderful to be back home. Much love, the Slades

carlytai said...

I am so glad to hear that you are improving and I just want you to know how great an example you are to all of us back home. What happened to you was tragic and it broke all of our hearts but the way you have chose to fight this trial is amazing and so inspirational! Josh thank you so much for being you and for always standing strong. Be strong now Josh and fight this. We all know you can! Remember that the Lord loves you and is aware of you. You will forever be in my prayers along with your family. We all miss you!
Carly Hirst

Kara said...


So glad to hear that you are up and well. I can't imagine how amazing it feels to be out of that dang bed!
We miss the whole fam and the way you always made us laugh! Hope to talk to you soon!

Kara and Les

Where do we get some of those Superman Team Pack shirts?!?!

Barlows said...


Keep up the good work and keep on smiling. As long as those two things are happening, nothing can stop you.

We want shirts too!!

Dave Barlow

Alex said...

Hey Josh! AND Team Pack!
I check your blog all the time! You guys are in my prayers! Josh, you are a STUD! I seriously look up to you so much! You are amazing and I know that with your faith and your great family you can do anything! You really are A SUPERMAN!
I am in the valley about 3 times a week and every time I drive by the Pack home- I stop for a second and think about you guys! What an INCREDIBLE family you are. When it really comes down to it... the Gospel and the love of a Family is all you need! And you guys are a prime example of that! Josh, you are so blessed to have a family and friends that care about you so much, but I feel blessed just to know you! I know that you have touched so many peoples lives in such a positive way! You will never know the impact your life and your story has had on people. Even people you don't know. Keep smiling Josh! And hopefully I will be able to come visit you and your wonderful family when you are all back home!
Alex Messerly

Ps... Vanhin Young sends his love. :)

Anonymous said...

GO TEAM PACK!!!!!! Love and miss you guys. We continue to pray for you and your family. God is good! He has sent all of us many blessings through these hard times! God bless!

Trav and Jill Hasenkamp