Monday, February 16, 2009

Chillin with some of the Cousins

This weekend was great! Marne', Travis & Koby came to visit. And of course Nate was already here. We ate, laughed, shopped, laughed, sat in the sun (yes we do have a lot of sun and warm weather here), laughed, played games (thanks to Jeff Adams introducing us to "Acquire"), and laughed some more. It has been so fun to have cousins here just hanging out! Usually the "goodbyes" are so hard, but not this one. haha You might think because we were glad to see them go, totally wrong! It is because we know that in a few weeks we will be back home with them-YEAH! A weekend with family makes the hard week of physical therapy ahead more bearable. The weeks of hard work definately get really long, so to have these great kids here charged all of our batteries.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Colbie is awesome!!! haha so are you Josh, your doin great! We're thinkin of you tons and praying for you.

-Oakley Albrechtsen