Thursday, May 7, 2009

Continually recovering

Doing pushups on a ball, Josh you are starting look like the "old" Josh physically!

Getting those back extenser strong, because we can't stand without them.

Steve had the great idea of being very innovative with an old schwinn airdyne bike. He took the seat off and sat Josh in a chair, taped Josh's feet on the pedals, and looked at him and said "okay buddy it is up to you to get those legs around. Well the first tijme on he did 5 times around. Wow we were so excited. The next time that we went he went 12 times around. Well this week he went 32 revolutionaries around with no help and then another 36 times around, so amazing!

After 36 times around Steve gave Josh a big hug

Another innovative idea the "health rider" normall hated by all therepists, but working for Steve and Josh. Josh is pushing with his legs and strengthening his arms

Therapy Buddies, Jake and Gage
What would we ever do without family?

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MKG said...

Wow! I haven't checked your blog in a while - what progress Josh has made! This is great - truly an answer to many, many prayers and a lot of HARD WORK!