Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009

We are having many requests to update the blog. So sorry if we have offended anyone. We lead a fairly monotous life right now and don't honestly have a lot to say. We continue to go to therapy each day and Josh along with his brothers mow their lawns each week. Josh is making continual progress in many ways. He is strengthening the muscles the he has and gaining new muscles continually. It is fun to see his progress from week to week, and month to month. His statement to those who ask what his prognosis is "If you are a nonbeliever, step aside". His motivation and courage is truly what sees us through day to day.
We are continually grateful each day for you thoughts, love and prayers in our behalf. You have touched our lives and help us more than you could ever imagine. We love you all.


Anne Marie said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for the update. I love the video.

Laundry said...

YAY FOR JOSH! I am so excited to see his progress! :) He's a very determined boy and I must admit, I admire him for that. I will definitely think of Josh when I feel like giving up :)

Once apon a time. said...

That is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Josh you are doing AMAZING!! All your hard work is paying off. Its so good to see you doing so well. Keep it up and know we think of you often at good ol' Mckay dee!!

Jon Kamigaki
ICU McKay Dee Hospial

msmiles2006 said...

Wow, how fun it is to see you sitting up and riding that horse. I could almost smell the rodeo. The 3 cowboys along with you look pretty good too. Thanks for the action movie. It was great, but not as great as you are Josh, I love you and admire you beyond words. We will never give up praying for you and cheering for you.
Love forever,

rick Jensen said...

We are so happy for you, Josh. Tell your family hello from Rick and Melanie Jensen