Friday, August 29, 2008

An Exciting Week of updates

  • Monday,Started Physical Therapy
  • Tuesday, triceps and lat muscles engaged-Super exciting
  • Wednesday, got a smaller trac called a "jackson 5", mom and dad passed off classes to be able to take Josh outside. We don't want to brag or anything but we did get 100% on our test.
  • Wednesday, Josh also was qualified to get on a bike. They "stem" his muscles to see if they respond, they did right away. Another great blessing and exciting news for us. He will be scheduled to ride every M,W,F.
  • Thursday, worked hard in P.T. and played a little "baseball"
  • Friday, got fit for 2 new wheelchairs. One is a corvette version to be pushed on his own, the other is electric to race with Grandpa Wayne! Josh actually pushed the corvette all on his own for about 20 feet. We have worked hard and had an incredible week.


The Milletts said...

You guys are an awesome family I could only hope to have the strength and positivity that you all have throughout this whole ordeal!! I hope you know that you are in our thoughts daily and we too, among many others I'm sure, are praying for you all!!! Keep it up Josh you are awesome!! Love The Milletts!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep pushin' buddy :D
Love you and your family tons!
Remember, you're never far away, always under the same stars :)