Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trying to change Josh from a Cougar Fan to a Colorado anything Fan-We don't think so

Dave Freeman (Brianna Gardiner's Uncle) tried to capatalize on Josh not being able to move

Does He know BYU is ranked 16 this year?


Wendy Noel said...

Hey, We like this guy's style. We especially love what he is holding up in the picture. We wish we could throw some true AGGIE blue on Josh. We think of you and your sweet family often and miss you all at church. You are always in our prayers thoughts. There hasn't been a prayer that has gone by in primary that the sweet children remember Josh and your family. We know that Josh is a hard worker and you will all be home soon. We love you.
Steve, Wendy, Hayden, Cole Gabe and Abby Noel

Melissa Lewis said...

Dear Josh & Family - I have finally been able to check out your blog and I am excited to share it with my children & John. I have always looked to your family as a "How to" for raising awesome kids....but Josh, I'm afraid that you are becoming somewhat of a Hero and a role model for many of us in our little valley. The photos show a wonderful support system for you, but they also show your strength, determination and BRAVERY. In the greatest challenge of your life you are showing great character and courage and therefore helping others learn "how to" do the same. Everytime I drive pass your house I say a little prayer for your returning health and that you and your family continue to find patience, peace and humor. As a "taxi Mom" that means I'm sending a lot of prayers your way :). Tell your mom I've gone Natural and that with a little Super Shiny my nails don't look to shabby :). Fight On! (a little USC shout out I couldn't resist) Melissa Lewis

Anonymous said...

BYU is the way only way to go!!!!