Friday, August 8, 2008

Highlight of the week

Yesterday morning "pretty tough", afternoon "even tougher"
About 4:00 physical therapy came to work with Josh to develop his
upperbody strength. It was awesome! He loved it, we loved
it, Life is good!


Richard said...

Hi Josh,

The Sorensen's have been thinking about you and praying for you day and night. Get well soon as I have some signs that need to be stolen and the Pack boys pay pretty good retribution. Do you have $50 I can borrow?

Thinking of you always,
Richard, Regen, Britain, Kilen and Daxton Sorensen

Richard said...

Cord,Lisa, Josh and family.

The web site I mentioned to Cord today was

Mike fractured both his 6th and 7th cervical vertebraes (and maybe his 5th, also). He was one of three NFL players in the last couple of decades who had a Spinal cord injury, and I was fortunate enough to meet and speak with Mike last March for nearly an hour. The experience was life changing because of his incredulous positive attitude and determination.

While playing football, he told himself he would never be carried off the field. November 17, 1991 hampered that goal, and he fully intends "to walk off Ford field on his own or die trying." After speaking with him, I know someday he will do it.

He has spent time at Craig Hospital and has a foundation to help SCI patients - The Mike Utley Foundation. In fact, his foundation recently donated more than $100K to open a Terrain park at the Craig Hospital.

When you have time, conduct some Google and You tube searches for "Mike Utley". At a minimum, his positive attitude should lift you, but his foundation may also be able to assist Josh's recovery.

When I read Josh's new mantra, "Let's Do It," I was reminded of Mike's motto - "Thumbs up!" As Mike deplaned last March in Detroit following our flight from Seattle, two 20 year old or so Detroit girls helped Mike with his chair (he is extremely self sufficient, so they didn't have to do much). They had no idea who he was, but overheard us talking and asked for his autograph and if he had played for the Rams. His reply was, "No I played against the Ram's, but I am a Lion." They replied, "My dad will love it," and I am sure he did as their fathers were undoubtedly hard core Lion's fans.

I didn't know it at the time, but it just so happened that he was playing the Rams when he was injured. When he signed his name, he wrote, "Mike Utley #60 - Thumbs Up!" It made no sense to me then, but after watching the video of his injury online, I was reminded of him giving the concerned fans of Detroit the "thumbs up" signal as he was carried off the field. That has become his motto ever since.

Stay positive and focused and get well soon.


Thinking of you always Josh,


me again said...

You will have to cut and paste since i am not real html savy.

The Durrant Fam said...

Brother Pack and Family,
Hello. Brother Pack, this is Carly (Anger) Durrant. I spoke to my mom yesterday on the phone and she told me about Josh and about your blog. I'm so sorry to hear the suffering your family is going through right now. But I'm not at all surprised at your strength and the positive attitude you all have. Thank you for a blog full of updates and more importantly, testimony. I'll be checking back in to see Josh's progress. Hey, maybe I'll even see some more pictures of my cute little sister, Hillary! You guys are all in my prayers.