Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our First Miracles

We have truly witnessed miracles already at this early point in Josh's recovery. Josh was taken into surgery the night of his accident to remove shattered fragments of the C-5 vertebrae. Then they placed a metal plate to fuse together some of the vertebrae, to protect his spinal cord. The surgery was extremely high risk. A tube had to be placed down Josh's throat for the airway. This had to be done without disturbing the spinal cord. Five inches of Josh's spinal cord is extremely bruised and swollen. The doctors performed miracles and the surgery could not have gone better. Today Josh remains in the ICU unit, awaiting another surgery to insert more plates once the swelling of the spinal cord goes down. As of right now Josh remains paralyzed from his chest down, he is able to slightly move his arms and is working hard to move his hands and fingers. When he tries to move his legs the doctors can feel his muscles trying to work. Josh has some feeling in his legs and feet when someone touches them. He continues to amaze all with his progress.

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