Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thank You

Throughout this tragedy in our life, we have been surrounded by family and friends. We are grateful for your love and support. We are especially grateful for your thoughts, fasting and prayers for our Josh. We love you all. Thank You!!


Chelsea Waterfall said...

Hey Josh, this is Chelsea here. It was great to see you today. You are looking great and are making amazing progress. I hope the hospital is not too dull of a place. If you do have a t.v. in your room, ask the nurses to get you "the burbs." Great hospital movie and I know that one from experience. Well stay positive, remember God loves you and is watching over you, and have a good recovory and hopefully I will see you again before you go to Denver. Talk to you soon.

Sherrie Martineau said...

Josh-- I was so amazed how YOU cheered US when we saw you, you're the same Josh, that's for sure! We love you so much! Keep working hard, you amaze us!

love, the Martineau's

briandmoe said...

Hey Joshy.. this is bri and mercedes and we don't know if you remember this but we are poets, so this is our poem to you.. :)

Look its a bird, its a plane,
No its josh, its joshua wayne..
We love you so much,
and hope you get better,
Thats why we are now writing you this letter.

You are the best,
Above all the rest,
That's why we're getting married,
Lets make us a nest!! (HAHA)

Nick and Dustin say they're you're friends,
But they just can't compare with Bri and Benz!

Your favorite show 'HANNAH' can wait a few days,
Until you are better and have passed through this phase.

Watch out Colorado, watch out all you bums,
You better be ready cause here Josh Pack comes!!

You're great and you're awesome,
This will only help you blossom!
We will continue to pray,
The Lord will be with you and by your side He'll stay!!!

Can't wait to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!
WE are all thinking of you and are in our prayers everyday. Love the Brad Willson Family!!!!!!!!

Arrington Family Blogger said...

Our family is praying for Josh and all of his family! Love, The Arringtons (cousin Amy's in-laws)

Jake said...

Bro Josh
This is Jake!! I dont know if you read this. but i sure love you and care so much for you!! you are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. you have great friends it looks like, and i hope they can take care of you while i am gone. but i will be back sooner than you think!! i sure love you and your great attitude!! you ROCK!! Love ya tons
your big bro Jake

Kathy Nielsen said...

You might not remember our family, I hope that you do. This is Kathy Nielsen from Mesa, Arizona. We are friends with Jim and Cathy. We spent some time with your family at Lake Powell a few years ago. A week at Lake Powell with Glauser's and your family felt like we would be friends forever. We loved getting to know your family.You are on our minds and in our prayers. Love, The Nielsen Shumway Family

verbis said...

I support you in this trouble time. I will include you in my prayers, and my thoughts. Continue forward!


John R. Piccolo