Friday, October 10, 2008

Picking Up A Finger

We all have heard our moms say "I wish you would lift a finger around here". Well we have never felt that way about Josh because as you know it would be hard to find a harder working young man than him. But we have been thinking lately I wish that you could lift a finger around here!
Well guess what, Josh is lifting his pointer finger on his left hand, and giving the bird on his right hand!!!! hahaha We are so excited about this and feel like it is a wonderful start to moving our hands. They are very small movements but they are moving.
Keep up the prayers because we feel of them and they are working! We love you all.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! yeah josh! Im so happy that you can point and give "the bird"! You are awesome! I pray for you often and I'll pass the good news on to Chase! He reminds me all the time to update him and I hope you recieved the letter he sent. You are AWESOME! Keep smiling and being strong! you have so many friends that love you!

~Alex Messerly

Mike and Lindsey Martineau said...

That is so exciting!! We can't wait to see you Josh! You look awesome and you're our hero. See you in a few days Pack family.
-Mike and Linds

Anonymous said...

Yee-Haw!! So excited! You know Grandpa Dee would be so proud of that middle finger coming up first! You know that one was from him up above! Keep up the good work Joshie!
Love you all,
Mindy Martineau

Chad and Kelli Booth said...

Way to go Josh!!! I have found that the "bird" is quite handy sometimes!! (don't tell chad I wrote that) Anyway we are always checking on your blog and getting updates!! Chad had to speak in sacrament a while back and he spoke about you and your great attitude and how you seem to be the one lifting everyone up around you (maybe he can talk about lifting the middle finger in his next talk...just to keep people on their toes) Keep up the great work, you are in our hearts and prayers, always. My boys ask about you all the time.
Chad and Kelli Booth

Anonymous said...

you guys are so cool. I have missed having more daily up dates. But wow! fingers moving is more than I expected in a week. Awesome!!! I love you tons. I hope to see you soon. Love,


Anonymous said...

Yeah! good job Josh! We are keeping you in our prayers everyday:) We love you! Good luck!

Love, The Albrechtsens

Pack fam. I miss you so much! Lisa, I haven't seen you in forever... much love! Love, Oakley

Brooke said...

That is so exciting! Congrats! I was just reading your last post, and my brother Brandt is serving with Elder Walters! We have a picture of them together.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys are awesome.
It`s great that Josh is doing so well. Josh can recover fast wow. Anyways I just wanted to say hi
From Brian K. Dabb

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh!!
We're having a big car wash at Kirts family drive in for you and your fam tomorrow!!
Best wishes from all of us! We love you!!

♥Jen Schuhmacher and like half of Weber high! haha

Zach said...

Joshua, old news I know, but I'm new at this blog stuff and I don't know how else to send you a message!! Hey, I want to tell you what a pleasure (and blessing) it was to visit you the other day. I can't imagine the hard days that you must have on occassion, but I hope you realize the good you are doing for those around you. Bryan (my brother in law) and I were both edified and lifted from the visit. You truly are an inspiration and a means for many to have much more meaningful and deep conversations with our Father in Heaven. Keep plugging away, and tell your Mom to tell the truth on this blog!! That a finger move is nothing...that you are shaking people's hands when they walk in, scratching your head, and rubbing your chest!! Hang in there chief and know that someday you will be able to give me a game in B-ball, but not like you could before anyways!!!! Love ya Brother.


Anonymous said...

Hey Josh, and the Pack seems like just yesterday i saw Josh parking cars across the street at Nick's house and gave him a big hug!! I want you to know - Josh I think about you each day! You are such a great example to me and what a great friend to my Josh - (Josh Berrett) see you soon! Clayton Berrett