Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Evening just hanging out

Sundays are always hard, because we send Justin & Marne' back home and friends return to Utah.
We have made some beautiful friends here in Colorado though. This picture was taken by Bridgette and Barry Walters, last night, who have been an answer to our prayers. Their son Ryan, was here at Craig a couple of years ago, after a construction accident. They are an inpiration to all of us. Ryan is serving in the Raleigh North Carolina Mission, and has been there for 15 months. They are true heroes to our family, and we feel so blessed to share their friendship!

They came by yesterday, with hot rolls, honey, and peanut butter. Bridgette is trying to put a little fat on Josh's body. Josh says "hands down, Bridgette makes the best rolls I have ever tasted!"


Anonymous said...

Hands down, you guys are AMAZING! I saw this picture of you guys, and the tears just started coming..I'm not entirely sure why :( The strength you and your family show is amazing Josh. I can't get over it. And it seems as if that smile never leaves your face :) I know there's plenty of tough days, but remember the Lord is always by your side, always. I've had to find this out for myself in my darkest days. I can't even begin to tell you how much your story has helped my testimony. This being my senior year in high school there's so much going on in life, but there's always time for the Lord and his work. I remember you and Justin were in my Seminary class, and I'm pretty sure it's when we had Brother Burger :) You two were always such a great part of the class and made it worth while. I guess you dont really know me personally, but I just want you to know that there are so many people that admire the strength that you show through that great big smile on your face. Stay strong and know you have everyone to help you along the way :) So crank up that surround sound, flirt with the cute nurses, and keep up the good work, buddy!

♥ Jen Schuhmacher

Tesha said...

I think the rolls are working, Josh you look awesome, I bet it feels so good to have that thing out of your throat - it looks so good to have it gone!! Endure, endure :) we love you so much ~!!!

Sherrie Martineau said...

Wow! You guys look amazing! Josh, each time we see a photo of you, you look better! Way to show us all up! Even though we can't keep up with you, we feel so blessed to be family. Thanks for letting us hang onto you. We hope you can feel the hugs and support through the miles :)

mucho love, Chris & Sherrie

msmiles2006 said...

You are getting better & better. You are so good looking and so handsome. I think all the tender loving care you are getting must be doing something for that outer body as well as the inside body and spirit.

Congratulations on the progress you are making. I am so proud of you.

Love you tons,

Karen said...

You all look great, but that smile wihtout the trach is amazing! It is always great to see pics and it just looks like you are getting stronger, just like I keep hearing. Thanks for the updates. Have a great week!

Love you,


Wendy Noel said...

What a great picture of most of your family! It is good to see you all smiling and happy. We do miss you all here in the valley! I can't help but look at your house everytime I drive home and think of all of you. You are all an inspiration to us. Hayden sure does miss Colton. Keep up all the great work.
Love, the Noels

Anonymous said...

I sure miss you guys! That is the cutest pic of you all! When I come out...Can Bridgette make me some rolls too? Love you, Miss you!

Mindy Martineau

Katie holmes said...

Josh i love you so much you are in my prayers. you have been my inspiration ever since i was little. you were so kind to me and always took me on the four wheeler when you had cousins your own age that you probably wanted to hang out with. i love you with all my heart and i know heavnly father does to.
Katie holmes