Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Big Thank You To Coach Mendenhall and The BYU Football Team

Brett Denney, Josh, Andrew George

The Fam with the George's & Denney's

Kristy & Brett Denney, Josh, Andrew & Tawny George,
(Tawny asked Josh for his "swimsuit" photo to hang on
their fridge to inspire Andrew. We got a pretty good laugh!

Every Thursday during the BYU football season Coach Mendenhall and the team pick a member of the community to become an honorary member of the football team. It was a great surprise for Josh, as well as the entire family, to have Andrew George (offensive tight end), Brett Denney(defensive end), and their darling wives come to the hospital and present this award to Josh. They explained to us that each week the team chooses one person who is facing a difficult challenge, making the best of it, and is being a great example and hero off of the field. Joshuas pictures will hang in the team locker room with the other Thursday hero's to remind the football players what real hero's signify. They honored Josh with a helmet signed by all the coaches and players, a "Y" flag (which has been proudly placed on his door), a beautiful poster of the stadium, hats, shirts, stickers, and a very special team coin. The team coin is given to each player by Coach Mendenhall with the team quest and mission statement engraved on it. Each player is asked to keep it with them at all times, to help them remember that their quest is much deeper than what is produced on the field.
As a family we were incredibly impressed by the spirit and integrity of these two fantastic couples. They shared with us how being a member of the BYU football team is much more than playing on Saturday. They were great examples of people who carry strong testimonies. Our family talked of their sincere concern that they shared with Josh. Marne' mentioned that she felt like they were the kind of friends that we had known forever. We feel so blessed to have shared some time with them. Josh is looking forward to going to a practice next year and participating with them.
Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity available for Josh and our family!


Becky Lewis said...

Hey JOSH! WOW, you are so deserving - we are proud of you. You are a true inspiration to all of us.
Derwin, Becky, Autumn & Starr Lewis

Mammanett said...

A beautiful family! God's grace and peace to you.
A new internet friend!

Once apon a time. said...

Josh that is so cool. Your amazing!

Laundry said...

LUCKY!! by the way..did you know that the coach's brother lives down the street from me? haha. Josh, you are one freakin lucky kid to be part of that! i'm jealous! and i don't even like football all that much. haha

Kristy and Brett said...

It sounds like Brett and I shared similar feelings...As we were leaving Craig Hospital, I told him it feels like we've known and been friends with their family forever! We look forward to reading updates on Josh and your family!

olderockhouse said...

Way to go Josh! You da man! We are so proud of your hard work and example. It makes us all want to try harder in all that we do and not complain about anything that comes our way. You are making such amazing progress! My darling cousin Chad Orison (who lives near the Barfuss's I think in Farmington) was the recipient of that award last year and it made his YEAR! He is one of our hero's, like you. Keep on keeping on! You are always in our prayers!
Chad and Wendy McKay and Family

Lauren Tatton said...

Josh! What a small world those are our families really good friends from Denver! I played with Tawny and Brett all growing! You are in our prayers! All of the Jones family says Hi! You inspire all of us!

carlytai said...

Josh you definately deserve it! You are just an inspiration for the BYU football team but for all of us! You are such an amazing person and I feel honored that I grew up knowing you! Thank you for being you, being strong, and always smiling. Pack family you are so wonderful. Thank you so much for the faith you share along with all the love you give. No one could be a better example then your family.