Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nuggets Game for Family Night

We have been blessed to make some life long friends here in Denver. We are so grateful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. With the church you are never too far away from home, because you always have friends to be made. We will be forever grateful for the hand of friendship out stretched to us. We love you guys!

Jeff Adams, Josh, Justin

Andrew Okazaki, Marne', Emily Adams, Ashley Lyons

Justin, Marne', and Josh


Mike and Lindsey Martineau said...

Pack Family!
You guys look great, and we're so happy that Josh is doing so good! We love and miss you guys so much! Part 2 of the DVD is in the works, let us know what songs you want on it and we'll get it done. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

msmiles2006 said...

Wow! what awesome pictures. They are so clear and always with you smiling. You are all so good looking. Nate looks really good. Is he loving BYU Hawaii?
Thanks for keeping me posted.
Love you all of you so.....much!

Anonymous said...

Josh and the entire Pack family-
Josh--it is so good to see you up and off your back!! I want you all to know I have been thinking of you. I am still getting updates from Steve on all of your progress! You all were not dealt any easy hand but I really have never seen more grace and support than you share. Keep fighting Josh and hang in there to all those helping keep a smile on Josh's face!
-"Steph hot"