Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Up, Up and Away

We are so excited, we have been given the "green light" to go out of the hospital!! We went to Red Robin on Saturday night, and to the movies. The manager was so excited that Josh chose Red Robin to be his place of dining that he bought his entire meal! So many nice people in this world.


chinacosto said...

Yes , So many nice people in this world. best wishes

Mammanett said...

YEA!! So happy for you guys! You and your famiily are an inspiration!

Jill Hasenkamp said...

So great to see you out of the hospital. Travis and I think about you all so much and pray for healing and strength. Your family is so strong! You have been through so much and you are still smiling. We know there are sad times,too, but you always find the silver lining! You are amazing and you give Travis and I strength when you don't even know it! Thanks for being so awesome!