Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Therapy a full time job

We arrived home on Thursday February 26th and started therapy at Neuroworx the next Monday. We go to Neuroworx M,W, F in Draper. Neuroworx is an amazing spinal cord rehab and therapy facility. The people are incredibly knowledgable, upbeat, encouraging, and super fun to work with. We are enjoying every minute there. Josh has participated in so many sessions including, hydroworx pool, lite gait machine, FES bike, Nustep, to name a few. It is so fun to go there and work with the wonderful staff there. You might want to check out there website www.neuroworx.org.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are so privileged to be seeing Steve Spencer who is a famous P.T. here in Ogden. It is so great to be able to go to his office right here in Eden! The hours spent with Steve, Ann, & Steff are treasured each week. We love you guys and are so grateful to be able to come there. We have been blessed also to go to one of our dear friends pools, the Wheelers. We swim with Steve on Thursday evenings, and try to get over during the week another day if we are not too tired.
Joshua is seeing a lot of quad return in both his right and left legs. He has been working on a total gym machine at Steve's and we see marked improvement each week. Remember when you are dealing with spinal cord injury it is slow return, but the great blessing is we continue to see change in Josh's muscles.
Coming home has definately brought a new bag of challenges to our family. With challenges comes also many blessings. We have the greatest families on earth, and also the greatest friends. Please continue to come and see us, and please keep praying for us. We feel of your strength and are seeing great blessings because of all of your faithfulness.
We will continue to update the blog and your emails.
Much love and gratitude,
The Packs


Tesha said...

we are soooo glad to have you home!! Yeah - neighbors again :)

i'm doing the same thing over here across the field ... i just blogged about our saturday fun :)

Laundry said...

you're home!! yay!!!!! ...Keep up the hard work Josh! :) You're a tough kid!!! :)

The Hasenkamp's said...

Yeah Pack family! We are so excited you made it home, but bummed we missed you. We just got back to Craig ourselves. We will be here a month and it seems weird not to see all of your smiling faces in the hallways. We continue to pray for you and are so happy you continue to get more return. We have checked your blog many times and are glad you posted new news. Keep up the great work and great attitudes! You guys are awesome. Maybe someday we will run into each other again. Until then know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers!

Love, Travis and Jill

Ps. whatever happened to the plant?

Debbie said...

Gary Dickson told me you were home and about all the wonderful sign everywhere. How wonderful! I can imagine how nice it is to be in familiar territory again. You mentioned building...are you remodeling? We want to see pictures.
Josh we are so glad that you are doing well enough to be home. We love and miss you all.