Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008

Getting up is going well. Justin pushed Josh a little too crazy in the wheel chair so we had some throw up in the kitchen at the apartment. We got a great letter from Elder Logan Putnam in the mail, loved it! Sean Holley returned to visit-wonderful. Played some Family Fued, team A won which included; Marne', Sean, Josh, and Chris (a patient here at Craig) team B came in second haha which included; Cord, Lisa, Justin, and Colton. Looking forward to getting up again tomorrow.


Laundry said...
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msmiles2006 said...

What does it mean when it says "This post has been removed by a blog administrator" Someone must be sending questionable material.

You better all be practicing family fued because if the Barfuss' and I come for Thanksgiving we will challenge you to that and Password. (the truth is maybe you better NOT practice)

I hope you get a little stronger everyday Josh. And I hope all the rest of you still love and care for one another.
Everytime I pray you are in my prayers (and that is pretty often).

Love to all,

Wendy Putnam said...

Wow it sounds like things are going very well for you all! We are praying for you and reading the updates faithfully!!! We were thrilled to hear that you received a letter from Elder Logan Putnam! Yeah! Josh's updates are copied and sent to Elder Putnam every week. He has asked us to do that so that he can stay updated as well! He mentioned in his last letter home that attending Seminary is paying off!!! Wow...that comment makes a mother happy!...and hopefully Cord smiles about it too! Cord went the extra mile to get Logan through...thank you, thank you!!! :) You guys are all awesome. We are grateful for you in our lives and ask for the Lord's greatest blessings to be given you! Love Ya - Wendy Putnam